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Term Lease

AIM offers a full slate of leasing options to meet your needs:

  • flexible lease terms - month to month or as long as 10 years
  • optional maintenance packages to keep your equipment like new
  • optional tech packages to move your business forward including custom analytics and data packages utilizing our sensor equipped chassis


AIM offers a new way to think about fleet management and asset utilization with an innovative product that focuses on cargo velocity and flexibility for motor carriers and shippers alike.

Daily Rental

AIM makes daily rental transactions fast and easy. With instant booking confirmations and quick gate turns at our proprietary Chassis Depot and 3rd party facilities, AIM provides unmatched service and superior equipment.

Daily Tariff Rates

Southern California Northern California Pacific NorthWest Houston
20' Slider $24.50 $24.50 $24.50 $18.50
40' Gooseneck $24.50 $24.50 $24.50 $18.50
40'/45' EXT Tandem $24.50 $24.50 $24.50 $18.50
20'Triaxle $65.00 NA NA $55.00
20/40' Combo Triaxle $65.00 NA $55.00 $55.00
40' Triaxle $45.00 NA NA NA
40' Triaxle - Super Single $45.00 NA NA NA
40'Gooseneck-Widespread $45.00 NA NA NA
40' Gooseneck - Widespread/Lightweight $45.00 $45.00 NA NA
40' Gooseneck - Lightweight $45.00 NA NA NA
20/40' City Combo (2-Axle) $45.00 NA $45.00 $45.00
* Rate excludes applicable taxes